When we first moved to Picture Butte from Edmonton, we initially attended a church in Lethbridge simply because it was the same denomination we were a part of for 28 years.  But after being there a year, we felt like we didn’t fit in, and it just didn’t feel like home to us. Looking back I think God was just taking His time in showing us a new church.

After talking to my son-in law one day, he suggested we try the Cornerstone Community  E-Free Church in Picture Butte, which is only a half block from our home. After meeting the new pastor, Peter Coyne, we thought that we would try it for a while. The people, a small congregation at that time, were very friendly. After attending for about a month we realized we had found a new church home. The people show us that they have so much love for God and his church. God not only gave us a new church where the Gospel is preached, but He has given us an awesome church family as well.

Floyd & Wendy

I was a believer, filled with the Holy Spirit and actively serving in the local church for many years when my marriage of 25 years ended. My heart was shattered, life as I knew it, ended. I lost my home, my status as a wife, my financial security, my children, pets, garden…

I was still vitally united to Christ throughout the process and after 3 years of healing, the Lord brought me into a new relationship. This, however, changed the course of my involvement in the local church and after 3 years of marriage, feeling like we did not fit in, we left.

There was a period of drifting that lasted 3 years. We felt it was not appropriate to ‘church-shop’ and that God plants people in the church body. It seemed like an impossible situation because we knew people in most local churches in the city and did not feel like we would fit in. Neither did we want to point any fingers at our previous church body. So we waited, praying for direction, barely daring to hope that God would hear…

During that time, without the loving direction of a Pastor and The Church Body, it felt like I was losing Hope. My heart was closing…dying. Every important relationship in my life was suffering, tainted by bitterness and resentment. Bridges were burning! This was not the way I had previously lived my life!! In Him, I had continued to hope and to care even when it seemed like a relationship (i.e. with my daughters, after divorce) was hopeless. Unbelief was coursing through me, robbing me of nearly every truth the Holy Spirit had given.

Recently, looking back, I wrote how this felt: “I feel as though I’ve taken a pill and it has affected everything I believe, colouring it grey with unbelief. A bitter pill to swallow, it is a remedy that takes away Hope and perpetuates itself like a virus!”


Jesus Christ carried me, tired and dirty and undeserving. Because, in the deepest part of my heart I KNEW HIM! That ember kept me searching for a way back to His heart.

Surprisingly, some beloved friends from my past moved to Picture Butte. We had shared fellowship  years before, when I was still married to my first husband. Over the years, we had maintained a connection but there seemed to be no opportunity for fellowship, especially after the divorce. So, when they first arrived I tried to connect with them but it didn’t work out. Later she invited me to come out to Cornerstone to worship…but I did not take her up on the invitation for many months.

Finally, in the summer of 2012, after a heart to heart talk with the Father, my husband and I attended Cornerstone Community Church for the first time. We were surprised and delighted by the fresh Wind of God and the passion in the believers. We saw worshiping, servant-hearted believers. We experienced the true humility in the body that puts Christ first, without any hidden agendas. And I found what my heart had been searching for…an opportunity to BREAK FREE (Ladies Bible Study).

My husband and I realized what a gift we had been given in being directed to this community fellowship – so unlike our previous church. We noticed that families are very tightly knit and uphold the truth passionately but with much love and grace. No hidden agendas – just true humility. The leadership at Cornerstone is vigilant in watching over the flock and their own hearts, always directing us to the Truth, to the King of Kings, and to the Father. These shepherds are like well-trained soldiers of the Word and like farmers, working their Field…


We came to the Cornerstone Community Church looking for Christ centered teaching and we have been blessed with just that! It is also a warm environment with a church full of caring people. Each one has their unique place and their own way of connecting, whether it’s a smile across the room or a loving hug. I’m thrilled to grow spiritually and worship God with an extended family, as inviting as this one! 🙂